Coyote, Bandelier, New Mexico


You never know which photo will catch someone's attention. When the PEEC Nature Center was built in 2015, a painting was commisioned for the observation area. I got to work with renowned Santa Fe artist Travis Bruce Black to find him photos of critters the symbolized the Pajarito Plateau where Los Alamos, NM sits. This coyoto photo beat out the mountain lion, black bear and all others since almost all people who live here have seen a coyote. Here is how the final art piece turned out that Los Alamos County paid $20K to commission (Click)! Coyotes are very common in Los Alamos and many are not shy of humans. However, they do seem to be pretty reluctant to approach the camera trap due to the flash. Bobcats, bears, foxes, mice and raccoons seem to ignore the flash. However, coyotes seem to be very careful. We have always joked that our dog Steffi is part coyote since she definitely has some of the features. She is very scared of lightning. Maybe coyotes are also scared flash for simlar reasons. It must resemble a lightning storm. Here is a brave coyote carefully approaching the pond. This shot reminds me of the scene from the movie Dances with Wolves when the wolf Two Socks carefully approaches Kevin Costner to take food from his hand (Click) . In 2015, we saw several coyotes in Yellowstone as they made their way through fields of wildflowers: (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res).



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